Portland, United States

Photo © Werewombat, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

A mecca of tourist sites this is not, and the locals are just fine with that. The good country folk, eco-friendly bikers, artsy hipsters, mystic yoginis, and adorable young families prefer their events less crowded anyhow, as it lends to the strong community vibe. Many residents could fit into all those cliques at once, and Portlanders prefer to be themselves without explaining their multiple personalities. A large chunk of the residents are DIYers, so be sure to tap into the array of locally brewed beers, absinthe, kombucha, and delectable organic food creations. Art and crafts energy flows into all fields here, so don't be surprised to catch a circus performance-indie folk music show with outlandish costumes that benefits a non-profit. For the best experience, bring a raincoat and an open mind and explore by bicycle the uniquely quaint neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, parks, boutiques, farmers markets, and porch parties of this homespun land. If you prefer nature's creations, then enjoy the draw of Mt. Hood's call to head for the rivers and trails east of town. Whatever you do, be ready to slow down and smell the roses for a spell.

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